Containers Type


Global Freight

Dry Van : are the standard containers. Sealed without cooling or ventilation.

Metallic: as standard , but unsealed without refrigeration. Commonly used for the transport of waste and waste by road.

High Cube: standard 40-foot containers mostly , its main feature is its sobrealtura ( 9.6 feet).

Reefer : Refrigerated containers , either 40 or 20 feet, but you have a system for keeping cold or heat and thermostat. Must be connected to the ship and in the terminal , including the truck if possible or an external generator can operate on three-phase current . Some of the brands that are engaged in manufacture : Carrier, Mitsubishi, Thermo King, Daikin .

Open Top: the same steps as above, but open at the top . You can project the good but , in that case , supplements are paid according to how much charge is left in charge for the excess .

Flat Rack: also lack sidewalls and even, cases, front and rear walls . Are used for atypical pay loads and supplements in the same manner that the open top .

Open Side: its greatest feature is that it is open on one side , measuring 20 or 40 feet. It is used for larger loads in length can not be loaded by the container door .

Tank or Tank container : for bulk liquid transport . Cistern is contained within a series of steel beams delimiting a parallelepiped whose dimensions are equivalent to those of a ” dry van ” . Thus, the tank enjoys the advantages inherent in a container : can be stacked and travel on any means of transport typical of intermodal transport. Some photos of this article can be distinguished tank containers.

Flexi -Tank : for bulk liquid transport . They are an alternative to tank-container . A flexible tank is a standard container ( dry van ) , usually 20 feet , inside which a flexible polyethylene tank called single use flexibag is fixed .




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