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( Press Bancóldex ) . The export sector entrepreneurs interested in improving your cash flow , your value proposition against the competition , increase sales within its product to buyers abroad , the share of credit to their customers and receive your payment in cash, have in the purchase of international product portfolio , an alternative to mitigate risk in its trade negotiations and receive their money in a timely manner .

With this mechanism , arranged Bancóldex , the company wants to resolve payment needs of the business sector with the purchase Colombian exporters to 100 percent of the value of its international portfolio , backed by an endorsement issued by a bank ally abroad.

” Under the XXV National Congress who made Analdex Exporters in Barranquilla, this month , the Bank provided to exporters this financial alternative with which the employer provides your customer abroad within comfortable and adequate payment of up to 180 days while receiving cash through Bancóldex “said the president of the organization , Santiago Rojas Arroyo.

He added that it is also a good choice for the importer of Colombian products abroad , because you can get better payment terms , extend your line of credit with your supplier in Colombia and reduce its financing needs for working capital and other benefits .

” With this tool both win , both the Colombian exporter and the overseas buyer . In addition , there is no cost to the customer abroad since the Colombian entrepreneur and the assumed return receive your payment in cash, without generating debt , “he said .

He said that Purchase International Portfolio is recommended for Colombian companies that export to countries like Ecuador recursively , Peru , Mexico , Brazil, among others, where the entity has allied banks product.

He stressed that it is important that the importer has available credit limit with the ally bank Bancóldex to perform the operation .

He stated that the Colombian export sector has the authority to initiate or strengthen their foreign trade operations .

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